A daughter in search of her father. A soldier sworn to honor, but forced to choose. A once mighty kingdom on the verge of ruin. Corinthis is a young adult fantasy by Chris Vasquez.

When the ruling council of Corinthis makes known its intent to forge an alliance with the politically unstable region of Lotulia, twenty-one-year-old Princess Jaya Green embarks on a journey in search of her father, King Aaron Green, a man missing since Jaya was born--one she believes alone can restore order to a kingdom in turmoil.

Jaya's protector, Captain of the Guard Khollan Roarke, is loyal and determined--and in love with Jaya Green. But when his brother is revealed as leader of the Black Hive, a ruthless organization of the land's most dangerous thieves, Roarke is faced with choosing between family and duty.

Before reaching their destination--the mysterious Isle of Loreli--the ship is destroyed in a violent storm. Some manage to survive, but Roarke soon discovers that the shipwreck was no accident. Standing between the exhausted survivors and escape are bloodthirsty leviathans, a saboteur who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals, and the powerful Teragoth Dragons--a dangerous reptilian race ready to kill all outsiders. Worst of all, Jaya and Roarke unleash a long dormant evil from the depths of the island, one that could shake the very foundations of Corinthis.

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Chris Vasquez

Chris Vasquez

With Corinthis, I wanted to tell a story in the style of the books, movies, and video games I grew up loving. Tales like Star Wars, The Hobbit, Jurassic Park, and The Legend of Zelda have been ingrained in my imagination since childhood and changed the way I perceived my world. When I watched Star Wars or played Legend of Zelda as a kid, I became invested in these lives, their struggles, and their victories. I hope even a fraction of that kind of enjoyment comes through in Corinthis. --Chris